The Thoughts

Of an 18 year old who is a bit frustrated


I wonder if they ever really know whats going on with me

People are talking about Madeline a lot these days and it hurts, because I miss her so much. Sometimes I wonder if she was still here if she would love me. I am not sure if I am capable of love. My heart is a wound, but I won’t let them see that. I will not break yet. I will keep going and one day maybe this pain will be gone. Until then I will smile and shake their hands.

I’m an artist, I guess, but it’s born from a personal necessity to make something that feels like it’s ripping a hole in the sky, you know, so just go for what seems to be the most urgent sonic statement I can.

—M. Gira (via thatwhileifound)

Michael's apology


On the 22nd of June, we drove from London and arrived in Holland at Best Kept Secret festival around 6pm. Swans were playing on Stage 1.

I’ve seen Swans quite a few times this year. This time from side of stage I saw things I had never noticed before. Like how much they communicate between each…

Michael Gira

—God Damn the Sun


Michael Gira - Songs For A Dog (2000)

"Lyrically the tracks remain largely biographical, in parts real and imaginary, alongside tributes to friends and acquaintances, though not without their emotional pull on the listener. […] Songs For A Dog, an album that reveals, to those yet unenlightened, that at the core Michael Gira is one hell of a gifted songwriter. All told, it’s stark intimacy is overpowering."

— via Tony of Compulsion Review [Detail]

Mainly, I just wanted an excuse to rage.

—Michael Gira in Kill Your Idols on Swans’ early work (via oneweekoneband)

Michael Gira

—Why I Ate My Wife


I heard your voice in my mind - you were Iying
I saw you under the door - you were sleeping
An ocean bleeds in your veins - now you’re melting
Your hand holds onto the sun - protecting
The air is red and cold - in your insides
I feel your tongue in my mind - caressing
I feel your eyes in mine - remembering
You peel my body away - you’re emerging
I put my mouth on your name - and I swallowed
I heard a sound in your chest - it was hollow
Your hand was under my skin - yes l’m fallow
I’ll curl my body inside - to see through you
I love you more than my mind - but l’m Iying
I can’t remember the words - but I loved you
I can’t remember my name - you live through me
I can’t remember the words - now l’m Iying
I can’t go on with the song - but you’re singing.